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The Gallery Fitness gym has a nutritional supplement store!   If you are interested in fitness, building lean muscle, weight loss or general health come in and talk to us.  We can help by recommending the right supplement for your needs and we know these products because we use these products!


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Weight Loss, Dietary & Exercise Supplements

We only stock the best weight loss, dietary & bodybuilding supplements.  MFL (Muscle Food Labs), Redcon1, NAR LABS & Nugenix are some of the best supplements available. Some are only available in store in Christchurch at The Gallery Fitness!  See Jamil and Kristy (available during business hours) They can personally advise you on the right supplements for your goals.  You can also come in a see us and try our shakes!

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Our Supplement Brands

NAR LABS Supplements Christchurch


NAR LABS goal is to provide cutting-edge, research-based and result-producing sports nutritional products that will help you break  barriers and exceed your current abilities. They pride themselves on exceptional quality and performance of each and every NAR LAB product. Ensure you get the best possible supplements. After all if you look good, it's all worth it!

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Redcon1 Nutritional Products


Redcon1 was created to ensure you get real, high value products that deliver real results. Their motto is THE HIGHEST STATE OF READINESS and is the mantra they live and breathe at REDCON1.

From the fitness enthusiasts all the way to extreme athletes, how your body performs is paramount to your success. Achieving your own greatness is a process that requires you are always ready to perform, for the highest state of readiness, by choosing REDCON1.

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Muscle Food Labs MFL Christchurch NZ


Muscle Food Labs

MFL are committed to delivering high quality sports nutritional products.  They combine superior quality ingredients with cutting edge delivery technology so as to create the safest and most advanced performance products for you.  They utilise current, cutting-edge research in the formulation of their products. They also use unrelenting attention in the selection of raw materials and product development processes.

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Nutrigenix Christchurch NZ


Leading nutritional supplements for men and women

Supplying our customers with the highest quality grade products available in the supplement market is the goal that we aim for at Nutrigenix.

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You can buy our nutritional supplements during our staffed business hours.  
Monday to Thursday 8am-7.30pm, Friday 8am-3pm Saturday 9am till 1pm, 

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