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Variation of a cable row

Jamil Rehman demonstrates a novel variation of a cable row that I like to use with my general fitness clients, the aeroplane row. One of the few exercises that works you fully in a horizontal plane of movement. Find out more about Jamil

The Perfect Deadlift

PT Kirsten Vaughn demonstrating the perfect Deadlift technique.  Find out more about Kirsten

Circuband with the Hammer Strength ISO shoulder press

One of the ways I like to use the Circuband , here with the Hammer Strength ISO shoulder press. I get a great workout and pump with zero pain on my injured shoulders

Single leg hip thrust

Vid 1; Body weight single leg hip thrust 12 reps each side, 3 sets. Forward gaze, scoop your belly at the top & tilt your pelvis up. Don’t underestimate these - they’re tough!

Vid 2; Chin-ups. First one was good, second one almost good, third one trying to climb the air

Find out more about Kirsten