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The Gallery Fitness gym invests in the best gym equipment for our members


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Our Gym Equipment

We only have some of the best brands and equipment in Christchurch including one of the largest collections of Hammer Strength gym equipment.  This equipment helps you train more effectively by targeting the right muscle groups.

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Hammer Strength


Hammer Strength machines that can withstand what the toughest athletes dish out, but still serve as an introduction to strength training for novices.

Hammer Strength moves the way the body is meant to move and rewards hard work with results.

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The Gallery is Fully loaded with Hammer strength equipment. We are proud to offer one the largest selections of Hammer strength ISO equipment in Christchurch. As we grow we promise to continue to add to this until we have every  piece we can fit into the space we have available

The Gallery's Hammer Strength Collection

The Hammer strength DY row

This is a great way to finish off the back, the reverse grip reminds me very much of the grip and range of movement that six time Mr Olympia Dorian Yates, used to implement so heavily. The full range and deep contraction really nails the lower lats.


The Hammer Strength ISO low row

Hits the sometimes hard to develop upper middle back and lower traps. The important thing here is not to load this machine up, instead work on getting that deep contraction.


The Hammer Strength Leg Press

If your truly serious about your training and your gym does’t have either this Hammer Strength leg press or a Icarian version. Then your in the wrong gym. Every serious gym should have either of these.


The Hammer Strength Chest Press (ISO Decline)

One of three Hammer Strength chest press machines, to cover all angles. Here we have the ISO decline press. This is a great way to press hitting the lower outer pecs. Very easy on the shoulders too so a great way to press if your experiencing shoulder pain.


The Hammer Strength Chest Press (ISO Incline)

The Hammer strength ISO incline chest press, reverse pull down combination. Such a versatile piece. We sometimes like to have clients superset the two.  We’ve also used it for a standing shoulder press, even using it like the Jammer machine for my functional training clients


Hammer strength (ISO horizontal chest press)

One of our favourite Hammer strength pieces, the ISO horizontal chest press. A great way to really load up the chest whilst going easy on the shoulders.

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Life Fitness

Every day, millions of exercisers, from elite athletes to those just starting a workout routine, benefit from using Life Fitness home exercise equipment.

Life Fitness understands the realities of the commercial gym environment, and engineers equipment to suit this. The highest quality materials and components

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Cybex Gym Equipment

Cybex is a leading manufacturer of premium exercise equipment, including award-winning strength training equipment.

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Stair Master

Cardio Equipment

Stairmaster is a stationary fitness machine that rotates steps, similar to a treadmill, allowing the user to climb upward at the speed and duration he or she sets.

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